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Some of the tops on the sale … Price: TBD, New Caldonia We procure remnant stone … The cost. Quantity: 1 These remnants are left over slab pieces from large countertop projects that require more than one slab to complete leaving us with a perfect 3/4 to 1/2 of unused slab remnant … Quantity: 1 Our Services Locations are Frisco, Parker, McKinney, Wylie, Denton. “Super nice upscale and well laid … Color: New Coldonia Color: Dallas White Price: TBD, Lapridus Quantity: 1 Size: 90 X 46 Quantity: 1 Price: TBD, Santa Cecilia Color: Sand Quartz Get a Free Estimate! Price: TBD, Lapirdo Leathered Price: TBD, Cristilano Classico GRANITE AND QUARTZ REMNANTS SALE STARTS FROM $24 PER sq.ft We are a local company offering you granite and quartz remnants that are perfect for your small projects. Avoid using acidic cleaning solutions. Quantity: 1 Quantity: 1 Color: Colonial White Color: Shadow Storm Price: TBD, Peacock-1127 Quantity: 1 Quantity: 1 Check out our Remnants Outlet. If you require a small piece of stone for a project, we have one of the largest inventory of remnants in Seattle. Granite & Marble Specialties is Seattle and Puget Sound area’s one-stop-shop for an unprecedented variety of premium quality Seattle granite and Seattle marble countertops. Color: New Caldonia Color: Vintage Price: TBD, New Coldonia Our Granite, Quartz and Marble boneyard is not created by mistakes in design or fabrication, it’s a collection of remnants … Size: 117 X 39 Price: TBD, Tropical Brown We have a huge variety of slabs and remnants. Size: 68 X 53 These remnants are left over slab pieces from large countertop projects that require more than one slab to complete leaving us with a perfect 3/4 to 1/2 of unused slab remnant pieces. Size: 63 X 77 Why pay for a slab if we have what you need for your small project at a fraction of a slab price. We have over 1,000 high quality granite, marble and quartz remnants in our Kent store location at low prices. Size: 52 X 42 Size: 66 X 47 Size: 73 X 47 Conveniently located in Noblesville, IN, we proudly serve the … REMNANT COUNTERTOPS Granite, quartz and marble slabs are available particular sizes, sometimes totaling about 50 sq. YK Marble in Denver is a direct importer of natural stone coming from Brazil, Spain, and Italy. Houston Granite Remnants was established in order to minimize the issue of waste in the fabrication process of natural and engineered stone products, resulting in significant monetary savings to our clients. 10000 E 40th Ave. Northeast. With over 500 remnants, Denver Granite may have the stone remnant you are looking for that will meet your needs and save you money. Quantity: 1 Popular Products Avanza Avonite CaesarStone Cambria Corian ECO EOS Formica Granite Hanex … Color: Coronas By utilizing remnant pieces, you can mix and match designs however you want to. Color: Lapridus Size: 67 X 42 Remnants are much smaller pieces of granite, quartz, and marble that are left behind from larger restoration projects. Color: Santa Cecilia REMNANTS Jerry's Floor Store has a vast array of Granite, Marble and quartz remnants and partial slabs available for your next project. Price: TBD, Quartz White Need a remnant for any small project? Twin City Discount Granite is a local, family-owned business that provides top quality quartz, granite, marble, etc. Size: 61 X 43 Color: Black Pearl Size: 46 X 42 Price: TBD, Santa Cecilia Price: TBD, Typooh Bordoux Price: TBD, Coronas Size: 64 X 53 We have an inventory of over 400 remnants in our inventory ready for immediate fabrication. Price: TBD, Colonial Quantity: 1 Price: TBD, Statuary Color: Tropical Brown Quantity: 1 Why pay full price for a smaller project such as a vanity, a bar top, a fireplace surround, an island & more, when all you need is a stone remnant or a pre-cut slab? You can also choose the remnants and send us a message by clicking under the remnant picture. Price: TBD, White Dallas The remnant/in-stock granite is priced per square foot unless there is a countertop on the sale rack that meets the dimensions of the top (and in some cases, the sink center as well). Price: TBD, Lapridus throughout the Twin Cities. Acquiring your dream kitchen or bathroom isn’t out of your grasp anymore. Quantity: 1 Use a nontoxic sealant made for marble or stone to ensure that any cracks in the granite are sealed. These poor orphan remnants … The Yard is Phoenix's best source for granite, marble, quartz, and more. Color: Cambria Price: TBD, White Ornamental-1134 Size: 52 X 41 Size: 45 X 46 Quantity: 1 Affordable State-of-the-Art Remnants Fabrication, Address : 3200 14th St #408, Plano, TX 75074. Quantity: 1 Color: Statuary Price: TBD, Colonial White “These … All Rights Reserved. Having elegant looking countertops to complete the look you’ve always wanted in your kitchen to wow your neighbors is enough to get anyone started on finding the resources to their new makeover project. We currently have over 3,000 various sized pieces of stone in stock in our warehouse. Color: Cristilano Classico Find the nearest showroom to learn more information about our products. With the right vision and budget that works for you, accomplishing your work of art for your family and guests has never been easier. Price: TBD, Black Pearl A remnant is a piece of stone that is a left over from a larger granite countertops project.. Slabs come in bundles of 6 or 7. Color: Lapridus Search for remnants near (Address, City, or Zip Code). Big blocks of stone are taken from quarries and each block is sliced by diamond … Quantity: 1 Countertop Remnant Slab Sale. Size: 62 X 45 Price: TBD, Cambria Price: TBD, Tropical Brown-1128 Color: White Ornamental This is incredibly economical for individuals looking to modernize their home, but want to avoid the large price tag when it comes to the larger items needed. North Dallas. You can view all our remnants or search for a specific remnant by filtering your search results by stone name, color, thickness or by the original stone vendor of the piece your looking for. We make no guarantees any of these remnants will be available … Continue reading "Granite and Quartz Countertop Remnants" Remnants contain the same properties of their larger pieces. Fortunately, there are alternatives to this that can help keep costs down and put you one step ahead at creating your dream kitchen. Quantity: 1 Please note these are all first come, first served. Twin City Discount Granite employs our own in-house … Color: Butterfly Beige ft per slab. Color: Santa Cecilia Use dish soap or other softer cleaning materials to ensure that you’re not eating away at the material over time. The Details. Size: 55 X 51 We also have a wide variety of stunning quartz from brands like Silestone, … Stone Remnants for Sale. Price: TBD, Valley Nevado © Granite-Artist 2021. #1 Quality Remnants Remnants at Fox Tops All are not just leftovers. Size: 66 X 63 Size: 41 X 46 Quantity: 1 Quantity: 1 Although they come in smaller sizes, these pieces provide your kitchen with a smooth and elegant surface to withstand wear and tear of high traffic areas in your household. Color: Giallo Peach Color: Valley Nevado Quantity: 1 Size: 48 X 37 Granite, quartz, and marble are just some materials to use, not to mention the labor to create the countertops as well. Size: 19 X 37 X 46 X 41 X 20 Size: 53 X 47 Our customer service personnel will assist you in picking the remnant … Everyone has a vision of their dream kitchen. With remnants, you can have the elegant design in your kitchen or bathroom at the price that you want to set. Stone surfaces can be expensive, especially when it comes to materials that you want to use. Size: 58 X 47 The Granite Yard 6 Building Supplies, Interior Design. ... Saturnia Granite 3cm | ID30028 114 x 69 | $1,147 Light Emperador Marble 2cm | ID2539183 117 x 75 | $1,523 Capella 3cm | ID2540311 108 x 61 | Kashmir White Granite 3cm | ID2539185 122 x 74 | $1410 Sedna Granite … Size: 48 X 36 Stains can come from wine and beer, and can be incredibly hard to remove. Size: 48 X 96 Color: Saphire Color: Tropical Brown From granite … Here is a wide variety of stone remnants near you. The possibilities are endless, and your designs can come to life by using the right pieces! You can also call or visit our Kent , Seattle or Lynnwood store locations to have our friendly staff give you an estimate based on your remnant selection. Size: 126 X 63 Price: TBD, Shadow Storm Price: TBD, Neptuna Bourdau Come visit our location today to see the remnants … We are offering $5/sqft Remnant Slabs through October 31st when we do fabrication & installation. We are here for all your flooring needs! Quantity: 1 Putting together smaller projects has never been easier with remnants, especially for plans on a budget. 10717 Harry Hines Blvd. Remnants can be used to create smaller versions of kitchen countertops and other house renovation projects for a smaller price. Price: TBD, Moon White-1132 Color: Quartz White Price: TBD, Sand Quartz Remnants and How They Are Used. Price: TBD, Bianco Antico Size: 35 X 42 Check out our inventory to see the stone we currently have in stock, or give us a call for more information at 817-962-2616. Quantity: 1 Quantity: 1 Quantity: 1 Quantity: 1 View Our Huge Online Inventory of Remnant and Leftover Pieces of Granite, Marble, Quartz, Soapstone, Quartzite, and Stone. Size: 75 X 45 Size: 42 X 46 Quantity: 1 Remnants are much smaller pieces of granite, quartz, and marble that are left behind from larger restoration projects. Call us or visit our showroom … Size: 43 X 47 We have over 1,000 high quality granite, marble and quartz remnants in our Kent store location at low prices. Here are just a few examples of the benefits that can be reaped by using remnants in your next project. Quantity: 1 Price: TBD, Tan Brown We retail, wholesale, fabricate and install natural stone countertops. Size: 37 X 40 There are more benefits on using remnants for your beautification project! Quantity: 1 Size: 52 X 34 Size: 58 X 44 This measurement, tailor-made to massive […] Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) license # GRANIMS893QC. Price: TBD. Granite is a common type of felsic intrusive … Price: TBD, White Dallas As mentioned before, remnants contain the same quality as their larger scale versions, just at a cheaper price. Remnants can be used to create smaller versions … Color: Colonial Price: TBD, Vintage We have an extensive selection of beautiful natural stone such as granite, marble and onyx. Our inventory and pricing is online. Pental Surfaces 6 Building Supplies. Color: White Dallas Save your money, don’t buy a full slab if it’s unnecessary! Quantity: 1 When it comes to granite remnants in Arlington, TX, Wholesale Granite … Size: 53 X 47 Size: Measurements On Picture. Copyright © 2010-2020 Granite & Marble Specialties. Help our granite remnants find a good home!Since Jubilee Company provides a high volume of stone countertops to the DFW area, inevitably we end up with a large supply of lonely stone remnants. Color: Typooh Bordoux Quantity: 1 All of our countertop remnants are available at our warehouse located in St. Charles so there are no additional trips required for your selection process. Color: Delicatus Quantity: 1 Color: Moon White Quantity: 1 Quantity: 1 Remnants are top quality granite, marble, quartz, or solid surface materials that are inventoried and offered in many different sizes and shapes. Size: 48 X 40 Color: Peacock Price: TBD, Delicatus-1138 Save money by using remnants instead of paying for a whole slab … Color: Lapirdo Leathered Price: TBD, Typhoon-1125 We are sure you’ll find a perfect match for your project at an incredible price. These pieces of natural stone are perfect for small renovation projects, and can add a touch of class to any room. As a local company, you can pick out your granite … From small vanity countertops, shower pieces, outdoor fireplaces and bbq's, fireplace mantles and hearths, are all examples of projects where a remnant … Remnants Sale! However, most people stray away from these types of projects due to pricing. It is important to remember that high quality countertops require more maintenance to ensure that long-term wear and tear doesn’t affect the surface of the slab. Overview of Stone. Butterfly Beige Elite offers granite, quartz, and marble countertop remnants in a wide selection of colors and finishes. Do you have a small project for a new countertop for your small kitchen, bathroom vanities, fireplace wall, or a bar counter? Remnants are a great way to save! Quantity: 1 Your creativity can flourish. Choose from our ever-changing 1000+ high-quality discounted stone remnants to find the perfect gem for your project. Quantity: 1 Size: 74 X 35 This is a great place to start looking at stones for islands, vanities and any smaller to medium size projects. Quantity: 1 Color: Tan Brown Color: Bianco Anticon Price: TBD, Dallas White-1126 GRANITE. Here are some quick tips on how to maintain your new surface and keep it looking fantastic for years to come. Quantity: 1 Cheap Prices, Cut to Size, and Installed For Your Custom Project. At Stonesmiths Inc. our granite remnants can be utilized to create the same high-quality end result as our other stone surface solutions. Quantity: 1 Color: Neptuna Bourdau Color: White Dallas The material is hand-picked by our staff and imported directly to our shop. Size: 64 X 47 Price: TBD, Valley Nevado No problem, come visit our Marysville location and check out what we have in stock with over 500 different color options. Buy & sell granite with fabricators near you. Looking for Bathroom Vanity Tops or Do You Need a Small Piece of Granite … Color: Valley Nevado Have a small project? Price: TBD, Giallo Peach-1133 Browse our new online remnant gallery on this page. Size: 45 X 39 Color: Typhoon Use coasters for alcoholic beverages. Not only does choosing a remnant … Looking for a smaller piece of stone for your bathroom vanity or countertop? Price: TBD, Saphire

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