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The Monteverde Conservation Area covers a large portion of land of the Costa Rican conservation area, Arenal-Monteverde, Children’s Eternal Forest and Arenal-Tempisque, makes this beautiful mountains responsible for one of the biggest lungs in Costa Rica. Monteverde Costa Rica "A Piece of heaven" This is the phrase that thousands of national and international tourists use after visiting the beautiful area of Monteverde every year. Costa Rica is more than beaches. 10. Monteverde is a major ecotourism destination in the mountainous, lush and green region of Puntarenas. Not just for its impressive landscapes or exuberant vegetation, but for the warm reception by the Tico population. The biggest population center – the village of Santa Elena – runs seamlessly uphill into next-door neighbor Cerro Plano and then tiny Monteverde, which borders its namesake reserve. If you start at the trailhead the hike is 5.4 miles (8.7 km) and 1500 feet (460 meters) of elevation gain. In addition, the small Central American country boasts a handful private nature reserves, which also protect its precious flora and fauna. We’ve spent more than a decade answering travelers’ questions about Costa Rica and much of that time flew by helping travelers decide whether they should visit La Fortuna / Arenal or Monteverde during their trip (we document other popular questions we receive in our related blog post Top Questions About Costa Rica And Our Answers To … It protects river, rainforest, and cloud forest habitats. ), although the harlequin has since been found in 2003 in another part of Costa Rica. See how it’s done at Don Juan’s place, where the agricultural traditions of coffee and chocolate production live strong today. Monteverde is the best place to experience a cloud forest. The cloud cover in the area produces an almost mystical environment, lush and dense, with unparallel greenery. Costa Rica is renowned for its rich biodiversity, protected in the national parks that cover an astonishing one-quarter of the country. Twenty out of 50 species of frogs and toads disappeared, including the unique golden toad (Bufo periglenes) and the Monteverde harlequin toad (Atelopus sp. First was the 1590m (1738 yards) superman zip-line, the longest zip-line in Latin America, followed by a 148 ft fall on the Tarzan swing. It is without a doubt that Monteverde was rightly counted as one of Costa Rica's seven wonders. Monteverde, whose official name is Monte Verde, is a district of the Puntarenas canton, in the Puntarenas province of Costa Rica. About 3 hours from San Jose, it is one of our top recommended destinations in Costa Rica. People from Monteverde are typical Costa Ricans. There are many species of wildlife within the Monteverde Reserve. And, like many tropical countries, Costa Rica is also a great place to harvest cocoa and produce quality chocolate. Monteverde's rare cloud forest ecosystem sits high above sea level in the mountains of Costa Rica. Situated at 4,662 ft (1,440 m) above sea level, Monteverde, Costa Rica is a lot like the United States' Pacific Northwest region — evergreen due to the precipitation and moisture-filled clouds which hover over the horizon on an almost daily basis. Thanks to the elevation, Monteverde is perfectly situated for growing world-class coffee. Lying in the northern areas of Puntarenas province in the Tilaran Cordillera, Santa Elena is a small town located a few kilometers north from the breathtaking Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve.. One of Costa Rica’s most visited nature and wildlife reserves, this cloud forest is a big tourist attraction. The ideal ecotourism destination, there is plenty and see and do up in Monteverde, including, hiking, horseback riding, and bird watching. A True Cloud Forest. Monteverde is a small town in the mountain ranges of Costa Rica and a major destination for ecotourism in the country. MONTEVERDE, Costa Rica — Deep in Costa Rica’s Monteverde reserve runs the backbone of the Americas — the continental divide. When you think of Costa Rica, sunny beaches and warm sand like Tamarindo Beach might be one of the first things that come to mind, but that’s coastal Costa Rica.Famous for its cloud forests, Monteverde, Costa Rica’s … More Info More Info Junior Suite. While most of Costa Rica enjoys a balmy tropical climate, Monteverde is located at the top of Costa Rica’s Continental Divide at 1,500 meters of elevation and it gets quite cold, especially in the evenings. While our hotel is walking distance from downtown Monteverde, our setting feels like a natural oasis worlds apart from civilization. The vast cloud forest in Monteverde, Costa Rica is one of the worlds many biodiversity hotspots. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve protects 10,500 hectares or 25,946 acres. There are well groomed trails within the reserve that vary in length and level difficulty. Perched at an elevation of 1400 metres, Monteverde is Costa Rica’s most famous cloud forest and another of the country’s prime visitor attractions. Geographic distribution of the two subspecies of Resplendent Quetzals in Central Americ (Pharomachrusa mocinno mocinno between Mexico and Nicaragua and P. m. costaricensis in Costa Rica and Panama). Deciding between La Fortuna / Arenal or Monteverde. RICA^ Figure 1. The Thrilling Monteverde Costa Rica Zip Line Experience. Monteverde Lodge & Gardens offers a sought-after location among hotels in Monteverde, Costa Rica. At an elevation of over 4,000 feet above sea level, Monteverde has a climate that’s a little different from the coastal beaches. If you start from town the hike is 7.4 miles (12 km) and 1900 feet (580 meters) of elevation gain. Selvatura Park: Hig elevation but what a view - See 4,520 traveler reviews, 2,237 candid photos, and great deals for Monteverde, Costa Rica, at Tripadvisor. The tour started with 2 simple zip-lines but quickly progressed to the pulse racing, breath-taking stuff. Monteverde plays host to Costa Rica’s treasured rain forest, where a staggering number of species – including pumas, monkeys, quetzal, and the endangered three wattled bellbird – are readily on display, proving the perfect location for studies in sustainability and conservation. High Elevation Tourist Destinations in Costa Rica Very High Altitude (above ~3,500 meters—11,000 feet) If you plan to visit (especially overnight) any of these locations altitude sickness is a likely explanation for a headache and flu-like symptoms, and life threatening edemas are possible (though unlikely). The Monteverde Conservation League is a private, nonprofit association of Costa Rican and International members. Populations of many reptiles and birds were also changing. It manages and preserves for current and future generations the Children's Eternal Rain Forest (Bosque Nuboso Eterno de Los Ninos), which contains over 50.000 acres; the largest private reserve in Central America. Costa Rica’s well-populated heartland, formed in and around the upland basin known as the Valle Central or Meseta Central, is devoted to the cultivation of coffee, one of the country’s most important exports. It houses about 100 species of mammals, 400 birds, 120 reptile and amphibian, over 2,500 plant species and thousands of types of insects. People from Monteverde are typical Costa Ricans. Shrouded in a unique misty cover, this biological reserve sets itself apart from the other rainforests of Costa Rica. El Establo Mountain Hotel in Monteverde Costa Rica. The reserve ranges from 1,250 - 1,830 meters in elevation. Monteverde In the region’s outlying reaches, bananas—the principal export—are grown. Chosen over the latest years one of the five destinations in the country. Costa Rica's Monteverde Trails. Of course, you are not going to see snow-capped mountains in Costa Rica, but the elevation of Monteverde (4662 feet, 1440 meters) will have you scrambling for a hoodie and jeans once the sun sets. Of the plant species, 420 are orchids alone. They found that the weather, beautiful mountains and high altitude fulfilled all of their needs, thus putting Monteverde on the map as a leading dairy farming area. The highest trails in Monteverde sit at an elevation of 1,250 metres although the altitude of the mountain is 1,800 metres. At an elevation of 4,700 feet, a weathered and waterlogged sign explains the significance of the ridge that is simply known as “La ventana.” This ridge is just a small link of the winding chain… it is located in the Cordillera de Tilarán mountain range. Rooms & Suites. There's no question that Monteverde Cloud Forest is truly a nature lover's paradise. Want to experience Costa Rica for yourself? More Info Deluxe Double Room. Your base for excursions will be Santa Elena, a relatively quiet mountain village that welcomes travelers to the area's multiple nature reserves. What we call clouds are actually mist produced by the high humidity at the elevation of 1,600 meters above sea level. The square marks our study site at Monteverde, Costa Rica. Poised at an elevation of 1650m, the three-square-kilometre reserve is higher than Monteverde and boasts steeper, more challenging trails and a slightly better chance of seeing quetzals (and three-wattled bellbirds) in season. More Info … Visiting Monteverde, Costa Rica. Start relaxing your soul and enjoy your stay with the best view of the Gulf of Nicoya. Not just for its impressive landscapes or exuberant vegetation, but for the warm reception by the Tico population. Monteverde was founded in the 1950s by a group of Quaker families from Alabama, who immigrated to Costa Rica as a way to avoid the possibility of being drafted to fight in the Korean War. Visiting Monteverde, Costa Rica, is a great idea whatever the season. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is included on many of our group tours. The combination of tropical forest and the cool, high Continental Divide altitude results in a blanket of low lying clouds giving life to an incredibly rich biodiversity, evident in the old growth trees covered with vines and air plants known as epiphytes that send out tiny to giant colorful blooms. Hiking Cerro Amigos (Monteverde, Costa Rica) January 23, 2020 / Emily Spinelli. In the 1960s, biologists started visiting Monteverde, drawn by the English-speaking population, the friendly and peaceful Costa Rican society, and the vast natural biodiversity. Monteverde, Costa Rica has the highest population of hummingbirds in the country. Monteverde & Around travel | Costa Rica, Central America - Lonely Planet Price $235 night. Hiking is a popular activity in cloud forests. Roughly a four-hour drive from the Central Valley, Monteverde is one of the country's major ecotourism destinations. It was during these years that the most famous amphibian on the mountain, the Golden Toad, was first reported on by biologists. Explore Monteverde, Costa Rica. Price $285 night. Monteverde is at a higher elevation and there is more to do in Monteverde ,once you get there. The reason why Monteverde has such great ice cream dates back to their founders, a group of Quakers who were looking for a peaceful area in Costa Rica suitable for dairy farming. Monteverde Costa Rica "A Piece of heaven" This is the phrase that thousands of national and international tourists use after visiting the beautiful area of Monteverde every year. It is the mountain range which separates the rivers that run towards either the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean/Gulf of Mexico. Visitors flock to the region year-round, meaning that Monteverde is not the quietest area of cloud forest you will encounter in the country, but we do feel its popularity is well-deserved. WHAT IS CERRO AMIGOS? Here you'll find a good array of restaurants, from mom-and-pop shops serving reliable local fare to Italian spots known for wood-fired pizza and …

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