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Thanks for figuring out all the tricks so it’s easier for the rest of us! You'll receive email updates through The marshmallows are store-bought, of the giant campfire variety. To DIE for. Melt the milk chocolate in the microwave according to package directions giving special care not to overheat the candy. OMG! Yes, I recommend this product. Fluffy Madagascar bourbon vanilla marshmallows are topped with a chewy square of … One-by-one, take each piece … A soft, buttery caramel layer, topped with fluffy homemade marshmallows then cut and dipped in a sweet chocolate coating – an easy recipe with tips and tricks and video tutorial. Ugh- that’s what I did wrong this time…made these several times and they always turn out amazing except this time. Chocolate Caramel Marshmallow Cake is so rich and delicious. Fluffy Madagascar bourbon vanilla marshmallow is topped with a chewy square of small batch caramel, enrobed in 62% cacao dark chocolate and … You can find all my cooking show style recipe videos on YouTube, or my short recipe videos on Facebook Watch, or my Facebook Page, or right here on our website with their corresponding recipes. Thank you and have a most awesome evening! So it’s been on my “to remake” list for YEARS. I’ve never made a recipe with sugar measured in pounds. Just to confirm…1/2 pound of brown sugar? Place marshmallow pop on waxed paper until set. Hi Next, melt the dark chocolate melting wafers according to the package directions, dip each caramel marshmallow in chocolate, & add your favorite toppings… marshmallows do dry out, but the chocolate coating will help them stay fresher, but they still won’t last for a super long time. There should also be a short teaser auto playing for you. Just imagine luscious chocolate covered caramels topped with a drizzle of sea salt. Directions. Become an insider and receive this FREE Maple Icing Recipe (not seen on the blog!). you can use the ice water test, when you think your close drop some of the caramel into ice water, then tough it and see if it’s firm enough. can i use glucose syrup instead of light corn syrup? I was totally planning on dipping them in chocolate once they set! 5.0 out of 5 stars Smashed. Roll the coated marshmallows in chopped peanuts. that’s lovely that you still get along with your ex inlaws. Before the chocolate on the marshmallows … Required fields are marked *. My daughter and I made these for her teacher and the school staff. VIVIAN DAWN ARMENTA. I can’t believe how pretty these look. Next, melt the dark chocolate melting wafers according to the package directions, dip each caramel marshmallow in chocolate, & add your favorite toppings. Reviewed in the … I want some now =) My favorite combo.. mm.. may have to dip it in dark chocolate too.. Place the pan back into the freezer and let the caramel set; about 15 minutes. Traditional Boxes of Chocolate, Candy Gifting, Gift Baskets, Sugar Free Candies, Seasonal Chocolates and more! Also spray the molds so the caramel and marshmallow doesn’t stick. I like trader joes, peters, callebaut, guittard, merckens, peter’s or ghirardelli chocolate wafers or bars. Log in. Spoon the salted caramel on the top of the marshmallow mixture. Your guests will LOVE this cake! « How My Blog’s Page Views Grew Over 500% in One Month. I finally have it just right and I’m sharing all the tips I’ve learned along the way with you! The chocolate, caramel and marshmallow is stuck to the inside of the wrapper. If you want to stay updated on new recipes sign up for my newsletter and join my Facebook Group! would these candies work in the molds? I’m obsessed with a few flavors – chocolate, peanut butter, coconut, lemon… and of course caramel. 1 jar marshmallow creme (7 ounces/200 g) 1/2 cup/120 mL salted caramel sauce 1/3 cup/80 mL chili dark chocolate (or chocolate of choice), cut into small chunks. This is what I love to do - make some awesome, teach you how, and give you that boost of culinary confidence you need to rock your own kitchen! Looks amazing!! Once hot chocolate is hot, stir in 2 tablespoons of caramel topping.

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