best bait for red snapper

Now, a big red snapper will certainly hit a dead pogy, cigar minnow or a squid, but you can surely enhance your chances significantly if you have live bait. To that end, look for certain hooks that encourage the big fish to bite. 4) … Under these circumstances the best option will be a knocker rig, wherein the weight slides to the hook instead of being fastened on the main line over the swivel. Your leader should be hooked up to the swivel (30 to 60 lbs. Sign in. It’s the younger ones that swim in the muddy or sandy bottoms as well as the shallow waters, while the adult ones can be found in depths of 100 to 500 ft. and also around ledges, drop offs and coral reefs. Dylan catches a lot of red snapper on a long strip of cut squid. TACKLE AND BAITS: Some Red Snapper spots in fairly shallow water, say up to 50 or 60 feet, permit the use of light ocean tackle, or even heavy spinning and baitcasting tackle. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; I speak in reference to some of the more old-school bait species such as snapper, or big reds as they’re commonly known. The larger the red snapper you’re after the bigger the baitfish should be. This doesn’t mean big snappers won’t bite into dead bait –they will- but they don’t do so consistently. The best bait for Red Snapper is live bait. My favourite baits for snapper fishing are garfish, poddy mullet, and scad. Course Overview. On those days when live bait is hard to come by, Price says large chunks of meat also work well. “Big snapper will hit a dead bait, but to consistently target trophy fish, big live baits are your best option.” Pinfish and ruby red lips are two of Price’s and snappers favorites. Charter captains also swear by live bait. Luminous jigs are especially good as red snapper seems drawn to these. Top Places to Catch Big Red Snapper. amzn_assoc_linkid = "495115db875318640df115a7e355b31b"; Red snapper can grow up to 40 inches long, can weigh up to 50 pounds and live up to 50 years. Red Snapper. A hardy live blue-claw crab is redfish candy in many places. There are plenty of lines available, but whenever possible, go with braided as it’s resistant to water, has minimal stretch and sensitive. For best results you should use a leader that’s 15 to 30 feet, the exact length dependent on the depth of the water and what tackle you’re using. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Red snapper typically consume fish as well as squid, but they also like crustaceans, small pinfish, pilchard, and other fish. For the best results, use a light line that is same color as where you are fishing with dark colored hooks; that way the red snapper … There’s no hard and fast rule for this, but 1, 2 or 3 ounce weights is going to be enough to get your bait into the feeding zone where the big fish are. If the area is heavily fished, use smaller live bait so you can catch some of the medium sized ones. While it will work on any rod and reel, having all the right components makes the whole think work. However best baits include fresh mackerel, fresh kahawai, pilchards, squid, skipjack tuna, mullet, shellfish and crabs. Subscribe to continue reading. (544) Garmin Striker 4cv with Transducer, 4" GPS …. (273) Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder - Castable Wi-F…. To keep your knot protected from the weight, you should use a red bead so even if the weight strikes your swivel the knot won’t get damaged, and it won’t slide. Red Snapper tend to be wary, and they don't bite if they notice anything suspicious. Artificial Lures for Catching Red Snapper. Red snapper fishing place. The Ugly Stik Company increased 35 per cent of graphite in designing of the Elite series. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Both lead head and vertical jigs should work out fine, and a pain jig will do all right, or you can add a squid or other stuff onto it. Snapper is commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico, and the season tends to be in June or July. “Gamakatsu’s HD Live Bait Circle is a good chunk-bait hook for larger fish like tuna and bottom species.” VMC recently introduced its 7266 Inline Single hook to replace trebles on lures and plugs. Red snappers are both deep water and shallow dwellers. You also need a rod with a strong butt and backbone, as well as a sensitive tip. Groupers abound in jagged structure which holds baitfish – so if you’re marking fish on the bottom (i.e. There are many types of rigs to choose from, and it’s always a good idea to use braided lines for bottom fishing. You can find … They are very sensitive to tackle. 9) Keep a deck rod with saltwater spinning tackle and 20- to 30-pound-test line handy and rigged with a live bait or a dead cigar minnow. Fresh garfish tend to be the best when fishing in shallow water around reef ledges, which is where I mostly fish. Where the Wild Fish Are. One of the best rods used in fishing snapper is the Ugly Stik Elite. Unlike other fish, let them have a second bite as this will make them swim around the bait, making the catch easier. What baits to use and how to use them See more tips and tricks at: For big snapper, try live mackerel, live squid – even live kahawai if they’re not too large – fished near the bottom. Here are some tips when fishing for red snapper: When you get a bite, crank the hook, don’t try to set it…remember: “Crank it, don’t yank it.”. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Snapper Rods. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "swfloridasnook-20"; The Carolina style bottom rig is especially good, and you can use an egg sinker or 8 to 32 ounces of lead, with the main line connected to a swivel. Sorry this content is for subscribers only. “We use a … What you want to do is use just the right amount of weight so that your bait goes down the current. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; But if you’re serious about getting the big one, a live bait is necessary. lots of bait), it’s likely there will be some larger predators in the area. During the cooler months, red snapper fishing is the best in the Gulf. Red snapper have been harvested from the Gulf of Mexico since as early as the 1840's. Red Snapper on Alabama's Gulf Coast. You can also use a no weight rig to produce a drift line behind your boat. The next best is poddy mullet when used as live bait or fresh dead bait. Line and Leaders for Red Snapper. Grouper tend to be less picky and love Sardines. You might also want to consider adding an alarm bell at the rod’s tip which should serve as an indicator if a snapper has taken a bite. Shellfish and crustaceans are the best bait for red snapper. Crab. Rewind the clock a few years and the only plausible method of chasing these fish was by pumping a berley trail at anchor and soaking a few baits below. will do fine as well as fluorocarbon or mono). This design is an upgraded version and has proven to be among the best available ultra-light spinning rods. The high-carbon-steel hook features an extra-wide gap to improve catch rates, along with an ­oversize eye for freedom of movement. When you hit bottom, hold bottom. Learn the best red snapper rig to catch more red snapper (and stop getting your bait stolen) Rods and Reels for Red Snapper. When targeting the biggest of the big, I think there is no such thing as a bait that is too large. Therefore, some of the best baits to use for red snapper are cigar minnows, pinfish, sardines, eels, shrimp, crabs, squid, snails or mussels, herring or amberjack strips, etc.

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