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Best post system I have ever used. Heck, a lot of builders would prefer to avoid this if they could. great product. Internal post mounts for surface or side applications. Great design, low visibility. to 2-in. If you have a composite railing system, you can now use the Titan Post Anchor™ and affordably attach posts to concrete and masonry surfaces and then slide over the sleeve and skirt. Interested? Designed to be installed on both decks or concrete surfaces, the Trex Composite Railing Post Mount offers a more durable and stronger alternative than attaching a traditional wood post as a base. The video said to use a 3 pound hammer but that was difficult. Will never use another system. The wood post insert is typically 1-in. And the solution came from some rather simple geometric insights. Use a 3 lb mini sledge to drive tube into post beyond depth of hole saw cut. The 36" General Purpose Post Mount is a post surface mounting system designed for installing 4” and 5” composite post sleeves or covers to wood or composite deck surfaces, 6' on center. The Aluminum Deck Post line was our first product line and remains our most popular due to its versatility and affordability. They're surface mounted so you can place posts pretty much where you want. I also noted that it is best to slightly angle the exterior screws when driving with an impact gun to ensure enough clearance. The internal structure is used instead of a 4x4 post. To properly secure the post anchor to a wood surface, ensure there is wood blocking like a 2x6 or 2x8 below the deck boards and between the joist. x 4 in. The sway was greatly reduced yet looked horrid. No more notching decking around posts or tricky carpentry necessary. Easy as pie! Surface mounted deck posts allow top to sway. Pre-drill holes and drive lag screws. And even better, they will be residentially code compliant at 6' and 8' post spacing. Awesome . With two corner posts, the top rails extend beyond the posts and meet at the corner. Being a Civil Engineer by degree and a custom builder and remodeling contractor by profession, I  take pride in  having a reputation for solving construction conundrums to a high level with cost effectiveness, and in the instance of this pergola, the main concern was, how to structurally attach the 6x6 post columns to the existing stone pedestals. I've used these anchors and skirts on two jobs so far. Models are available for attaching to existing hardened concrete, wet concrete, as well as wood. Much better than Simpson strong ties. It's a product that we are confident you will be happy with and it has a great track record as a top performer in its category. For a copy of the sealed engineering reports including compression and tension testing click here. Surface Mount Universal Top 2″ Square Posts provide the foundation for a cable railing system. Installation to the 6 x 6 was easy, with a little sledge hammer help. Use it for railings, fence posts, privacy panels, pool fencing, even free-standing shade sail posts (6x6). Deck railing posts are the foundation of a deck railing system. The Trex Transcend Composite Railing Surface Post Mount is an alternative to a traditional wood post under the post sleeve. I used the recommended bolts to connect the anchor to the post, then used tap cons to connect the anchor to the concrete. Great product, made the railing very strong. Pylex 13048 44 Post Base Black - 10 Pack. Plus I didn't have the time to do all that work. Came with all the hardware I needed to install them. Sadly, these ugly wrap around the post style of bracket have been the "state of the art" for a long time. Our cable railing posts are available in multiple material types (2205 Duplex Stainless Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, & Aluminum), and in multiple finishes (Brushed, Powder Coated Black, White, Pewter & Copper Vein). Purchased 9 - 6 x 6 Titan Post Anchors to assemble to a new construction PT deck surface. The hardware kit is designed to make installation of posts quick and easy while ensuring strength and stability. Would recommend to anyone! I could not be more pleased. $5.98 $ 5. Secure fit. It's easy to connect deck railing posts to the floor joists of the deck. We know you're going to love it. The key with this method is to grind out a little in back and very little on the sides. The Titan Post Anchor represents a long-awaited improvement upon other bases on the market. I core filled the existing pedestals with concrete, attached the Titan Post Anchors to the pergola cedar columns, and then attached the columns with the Titan's to the concrete core filled stone pedestals. I actually used a splitting maul and improved the installation time. 3.4 out of 5 stars 13. for pricing and availability. I will be buying more for a pergola project. The lag screws were a bit short for 2 x 6 decking, so I opted to purchase longer lags to attached through the 2 x 6 decking and into 2 - 2 x 6 scraps together. Determine the desired location(s) and finished height of the post sleeve from the deck surface. Instructions are straight-forward and easy to follow. I have installed 10 of these post anchors in the process of refinishing my deck. 4.5 out of 5 stars 65. Post Mount is designed with an adjustable leveling feature to ensure accurate installation. Five Stars!!!! They hold very securely with no wobble. Use Titan Post Mounts for fence posts, gazebos, pergolas, deck railings, support posts, patio railings, or anywhere you need a clean looking, strong, wood post connection to any surface - wood, composite, or concrete. Aluminum post sleeves in 4x4 or 2x2 sizes. This is a nice product that works very well. you can enjoy the beauty of wood posts without big, unsightly, ugly, anchoring brackets on more surfaces than ever before. The post sleeve surface mount kit attaches a 4-ft post sleeve to the surface of a deck, porch or patio without the need... Includes hardware and instructions for wood and concrete installations Fiberon Homeselect is a strong, low-maintenance composite railing system; easy to … Just click the link below to BUY NOW. Item #1336043. Use with any post for anchor. Less is more in this situation. This is stronger than a 4x4 post attached to the deck. Check it out. I mounted porch rails on concrete. Was very unsure about the potential of being able to leverage the post loose. Some parts of the country are drier, so if you are located in these areas you can squeak out more time. Adjustable from 33" to 36". $109.99 $ 109. This is what we do - try to bring you leading edge building solutions before anyone else. Part of my arsenal now. These Titan post mounts were just what I needed!! All Rights Reserved. I wanted to install my railings set back from the edge of my deck. If you need to take out material to the front of where the anchor will sit, you probably took out too much on the backside. How to Make Notched Posts Notched posts take time and experience to cut, but make a pleasing finishing touch for a deck railing. You may be asking yourself, why go down this path when fastening into end grain is inherently weaker than typical cross grain methods. Package arrived in good time but was beaten up in transit. Don't lag bolt a deck railing post to the outer band board that's nailed to the ends of the floor joists. This 2" Post Deck Mount is used for the surface installation of a 2" aluminum post. To properly secure the post anchor to a wood surface, ensure there is wood blocking like a 2x6 or 2x8 below the deck boards and between the joist. They draw the baluster up closer to the deck edge and make a slightly firmer joint than surface-mounted posts. They look great! The versatile Secure-Mount Post can be installed onto composite decks or concrete surfaces and adjusted to the exact height you need. Thank you for a great innovative product in the Titan Post Anchor. This resulted in a greatly stable porch railing. You do need to ensure the bracing below is correctly placed for maximum strength. There is some work to install them in the post but that is to be expected for a solid anchor. This is a great alternative to all other expensive bases. Mounted the first post anchor and was sold, installation is simple and time is definitely saved. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. I will be using these post till I find something better. The Titan has it all. The same principle applies with composite and synthetic deck boards. Internal structural posts for 4x4 Post Sleeves. And you can expect more great "first" moments like this. Installation Instructions. Great product. The USA tests have been carried out in accordance with AC273 for Handrails and Guards as set out by the IRC. This is not something for the average weekend DIYer. Structurally, I was primarily concerned with lateral stability strength and shear, and  secondarily with uplift. With posts on the inside of deck joists joist, you can use two corner posts, as shown in the detail above. One concrete screw per corner is enough to keep the post and anchor secure given the pull out resistance of each screw. Model #P448T40C. The Titan Post Anchor™ will make your life a whole lot easier. I had several posts to install, so I setup sort of an assembly line process. Proposed Solution - My proposed solution is to install a shorter 4"x6" (cut from 6"x6") second post outside of the deck. 4.5 out of 5 stars 157. The Fiberon ArmorGuard Post Sleeve Surface Sound Kit attaches a 4 ft. post sleeve to the surface of a deck, porch or patio without the need for a wood post. All materials and shapes are available for 36in Residential Height and 42in Commercial Height, and may be Deck Mounted (to the top of a surface) or Fascia Mounted (to the side of a surface). Some jobs have to be joist mounted because the posts have to be seven or eight feet apart and a heavy duty joist bolted system is the only thing that is going to work. No Lag Bolts! It's got the strength that is what you're looking for but the look is outstanding and combined with the other features I put on this railing system it was the right choice. Overall a great product way better than the Simpson Strong Ties I've used in the past which have that tall ugly box at the bottom. Company was fast shipping and even answered the phone when i needed more info about their products. It's so simple to install even folks who are just starting out and have minimal carpentry experience can easily do it. I love this product, and my project came out amazing! Ideal for use with any of the … I have tried numerous post brackets and unsightly wood braces. Great product. Simpson Strong-Tie TV207230 Steel Retrofit STL Post Base, 4 x 4 x 5 inches. Once the holes are drilled, remove the template anchor and position the post and anchor over the holes for final attachment. Trim the post sleeve to the required length. Pre-drill the screw holes if they are too close to the edge of a board to prevent splitting. The Trex Surface Post Mount Hardware for Wood is designed specifically to connect the 36" or 42" Trex Surface Post Mount to a wood deck surface. This is a DecksGo Recommended Product. Made it simple. 98. Well worth the money. The Titan Wood Post Anchor makes it possible to build residential railings, privacy panels, pergolas and gazebos by surface mounting posts to wood, composite, concrete or stone surfaces with a low visibility connection. 99. © 2004-2019 (after drilling the pilot hole first). Secure Mount Post $ 87.20 Install railing directly onto a deck without using wood posts. Should I find the need again, I will definitely use Titan anchors. I will continue to use your Titan Post Anchors — there is simply nothing else out there that is not either flimsy, or ugly, or both. It's the first low visibility surface mount post anchor that any beginner can install with minimal skill - with both cost and time savings any builder will love. The sway was greatly reduced yet looked horrid. A sharp edged, light weight, rigid tube cuts deep into the core of the wood post and diverts enough load away from the screws to increase the overall load resistance. Was building a gazebo on top of a cedar 12x12 existing decking by my pool with 6x6 posts and needed something strong to hold it in place. Get the installation guide. The post sleeve surface mount kit attaches a 4-ft post sleeve to the surface of a deck, porch or patio without the need for a wood post; not to be used with post sleeves over 4-ft long, Includes hardware and instructions for wood and concrete installations, Fiberon Homeselect is a strong, low-maintenance composite railing system; easy to install; permanent finish never needs staining or painting; great for decks, porches, and patios, Complete your rail system with a wide range of balusters, caps, and collars sold separately, Fiberon Homeselect Railings are designed to meet national building code requirements for residential dwellings, Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page. Item #488980. Fascia Mounted Railing Posts Take Up Less Deck Space Fascia mounted railing posts do not take up any space on top of the deck, where as surface mounted posts can eat up about 6″ of space around the perimeter. I used these to install a railing on a concrete stoop and walkway. It is now possible for a surface mounted anchor to be used for residential code compliant wood railings. Aesthetics too, were just as important, since the pergola was to have no visible fasteners showing from the ground. Surface Mount Post Blocking Help Sheet Components Side Rim Corner Front Rim 16” Track Blocking 2 1 1 16” Joist Blocking 1 1 1x5.5x12” Deck Board 4 1x5.5x16” Deck Board 4 4 Track Shim 2 1/2”x 4 1/2” 1 1 1 Simpson Stong-Tie® L70Z Bracket* 4 2 2 5” FastenMaster® LedgerLOK®* 4 4 4 Strong-Drive® SDWS22300DB* 7 7 7 This proved to strengthen everything very well. It's a good idea to pre-drill the screw holes so the screws can drive in easier without snapping off the heads.The composite and synthetic material can be very dense and sometimes similar to hardwoods. And the solution came from some rather simple geometric insights. Bought 9 of these and let me tell you they were solid metal, for the same price for a piece of cheap tin from my local stores. The LMT 1366D-HD Blu-Mount Angle Wizard 36" Heavy Duty Post For 5" Vinyl Railing with PVC Guides is a The LMT 1366C-HD Blu-Mount Angle Wizard 36" Heavy Duty Vinyl Railing Post Surface Mount for 4" Post w/ PVC Guides is a durable option for ensuring level, easy installation of vinyl railing to concrete, wood or composite decking. Found Titan Post Anchors and I was sold. Rather than shimming up the front of the anchors to keep the post plumb, I decided to use a grinding wheel to score out a "seat" for the anchor perimeter. The post is adjustable for both 36” & 42” rail heights (by removing the lock screw and rotating the top block) and may be mounted directly to concrete using four 3/8”x 3” concrete anchor bolts or to wood or composite decking using a wood mounting kit (all … Surface mounted deck posts allow top to sway. Solving this historic performance gap became an obsession for me, the inventor. T316 Swage Surface Mount Deck Toggle Terminal for 1/8" Cable (20 PCS) ... Muzata Cable Railing Post Square 42”x2”x2” Stainless Steel Black Finishing Pre-drilled Posts Surface Mount for Wood Concrete Level Deck Stair Balustrade fit Invisible kit PS01 BH4L, PT2 PT6. Severe Weather 4-in x 4-in x 8-ft Pressure Treated Wood Pressure Treated Wood Pine Deck Post. Yes, most definitely. The quickest and most secure way to mount a wooden 4x4 or 6x6 deck post to an existing deck surface is via an OZCO Post Base Kit or a Titan Post Anchor. Crafted from aluminum, the Trex Surface Post Mount is weather and corrosion resistant to keep your deck railing securely in place no matter the elements. Will I use this product again? But I didn't want to cut through the actual deck to lag the posts to the joists. The UltraDeck® Surface Mount Post Sleeve Plate is used to mount a 4" x 4" wood post to deck, concrete, or other hard surfaces. Post trim, bracket covers, and post caps. Canadian tests have been done in accordance with the Canadian Building Code with applicability for all ten provinces. Whether it's a new deck being constructed or a replacement of rotted posts or decking, notching deck boards is something you will get familiar with pretty quickly. Our Post Mounts are for the mounting of Vinyl Post Sleeves & Newels to a hard structural surface. Keep reading... or click the link below to BUY NOW. Stand-alone 42" 4x4 posts are rated to a minimum of 500 lbs on concrete and the 6x6 anchor performs even higher. The post base for 4x4 also offers adjustability around the anchor bolt to achieve optimum post placement. Post Mount is a post surface mount designed for installing a 4” post to concrete, wood and composite decking. 13. Model #DNPFS4LT15C. Customer service is excellent as well. Mounting hardware is sold separately. Local building stores had nothing I would even consider using because they were not strong enough or would bend to easy. Structural post mounts are attached after the decking has been installed. A truly innovative and effective solution. The post anchors were a key component in helping the homeowner in salvaging the existing stone pedestals as a structural base for mounting the pergola columns. Although I probably shouldn't have, I bored the mounting holes out to 3/8" to accommodate wedge anchors. DecksGo was the first company to bring this product to the market. I researched various fasteners on the market, and ultimately found the Titan Post Anchors to be the most suitable for this project. I have received many compliments on the final results, so all-in-all I am pleased. This ultimately saved the homeowner money and time by not having to scrap them, and allowed Macek Custom Builders to fasten the cedar columns to the stone pedestals with aesthetic and structural confidence! Amazon's Choice for deck post brackets 4x4. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. They must be strong. Provides alternative to Wood Posts – no bowing, warping, splitting, & rotting issues that are normally seen with Wood Posts. I used this anchoring system for the first time on a concrete front porch with a definite pitch. And as you can see from this diagram, some situations can be very complicated. Available in 36” height and adjustable to 42" height. I hammered them in to treated pine posts with a 2 1/2lb hammer. Rather than using shims (deck was fairly level already), I simply cinched down on the appropriate bolts to plumb the post. This product is perfect for applications where in-ground installation is not preferable. And I'm happy about that. Installation of the DuraLife™ Surface Mount Deck Post. I would DEFINITELY recommend these to anyone! The most common railings that utilize surface mounted posts tend to be aluminum railings or some of the PVC and composite railings. They were very easy to install and are way stronger than "toe nailing" a post. Set one screw in the first hole to secure the anchor while pre-drilling the remaining holes. Both of these items provide a solid, powder-coated steel connection point for your wooden post to attach to surface below. These are the best post anchors on the market by far. Pre-drill the screw holes if they are too close to the edge of a board to prevent splitting. The Endurance internal structural posts are designed for almost any type of installation whether it be a flush mount or fascia (which can be used as thru-deck or masonry core mount application). I have tried numerous post brackets and unsightly wood braces. With these post bases I was able to evenly space the posts where I wanted them without having to worry about "hitting a joist". This is due to the size and location of the mounting plates utilized by surface mounted posts. To read PDF files, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher. shorter than the post sleeve length. Would you want this on your backyard deck? Titan Post Anchors make my deck look very nice and strengthen everything very well. Looks professional once installed. Note: Based on 36" rails USA, 42" rails Canada. Not to be used with post sleeves over 4 ft. L. So bottom line, they are steel and will hold any post where you need the extra support. Depending on your local weather, wood posts can start rotting in as quickly as five years. It has been precision welded for added strength and stability. They work great. Another option is to use a single post at the corner, installed the same way as the inside posts … We just completed our deck this past weekend and I have to say I'm extremely happy with both the performance and ease of use of the Titan Post Anchors. I have used my share of the expensive bases and this is by far the best for your money. Severe Weather 4-in x 4-in x 4-ft Natural Pressure Treated Wood Pine Deck Post. Good price too. Mount to either deck frame or surface mount. Made from Q235 steel with a Dachromate coating for superior rust prevention in even the most severe environments. The two PVC guides are designed to function with all wall thickness of 4” and 5” composite post sleeve profiles. Deck Post Danger. Backed by a 25-year limited warranty. Compare; Find My Store. Drill 1/2" deeper than length of screw. These anchors are great. Wood posts will last longer because they stay higher and drier. wood post insert if required. And so begins the process of decay. When moisture soaks in between wood, the surfaces take a lot longer to dry. Here we see typical aluminum posts bolted to the deck surface through a base welded to the post. The Titan Post Anchor has been independently tested by world renowned engineering firm Intertek for residential compliance in the United States and Canada when installed at recommended post height and spacing. Rails 36" high are permissible in Canada for decks less than 5'-11" above grade. Now, with the Titan Post Anchor™ you can enjoy the beauty of wood posts without big, unsightly, ugly, anchoring brackets on more surfaces than ever before. composite, synthetic or hardwood The same principle applies with composite and synthetic deck boards. Use an off the shelf 1-1/4"x2" hole saw to cut a pilot cut for tube. If I didn't think so, I would not waste my time writing you. The lag bolts are included with this product. This post mount greatly simplifies the process of installing the aluminum railing onto concrete and other deck materials by being easily adjustable for slightly uneven surfaces. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. Includes hardware and instructions for wood and concrete installations. Proposed Solution - My proposed solution is to install a shorter 4"x6" (cut from 6"x6") second post outside of the deck. This is the real deal. It's the smallest, most unassuming yet strongest surface mounted wood post anchor you will find. Trim the non-routed end of the 4 in. It is designed to be used on either decks or concrete surfaces. Post and Column Bases secure the bottom of Post and Column Bases secure the bottom of posts or columns to concrete and are perfect for decks or patio covers.

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