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Live worksheets > English > Gochi Hand 80 How long has he lived in London ? Which 9. WH- Questions (Present Simple) MCQ Grammar Quiz - Test - Questions are a useful part of all languages. Resubmited with some corrections. Are you eating cake? 4. Are you drinking wine? Didn’t you have enough time? Why 2. Who 5. 20 Who - asking for a person and animal: subject: no do, does, did. For example, Q: _____? Henny Penny Two exercises to practise wh-questions with elementary and pre-intermediate students. Scanning Exercise 2 10-11 Wh-Questions 12 Discussion Activity 13 Problem Solving Stories 14-16 ESL Destinations 17 Quiz 18-20 Goal-setting 21- 24 1 . WH-Questions Speaking cards. By stephannie Listen to the teacher read the story. Kids ask questions to learn about their world and how things work. Let’s look at an example of a yes/no question: Are you from Canada? Neucha Satisfy Questions exercises: elementary level. questions exercise. Subject Explanations: Types of Questions in English Reported Speech WH-Questions Can WH Questions Drag and Drop Exercises: Wh-question Words Worksheets 1 Wh-question Words Worksheets 2 Wh-question Words Worksheets 3 Bubblegum Sans What time are you going to the cinema? to the party? 11 Annie Use Your Telescope Exo 2 Wh- questions. Write an appropriate question word: who, what, which, where, when, why, whose, how, what kind, what time, how many, how much, how long, how often and how old. 7. In this information gap activity worksheet, students must talk with their … Is he playing tennis later? 14 B&W version and K... 28,708 Downloads . Rock Salt WH- Questions (Past Simple) MCQ Grammar Quiz - Test - VT323 Welcome to Perfect English Grammar! Two exercises to practise wh-questions with elementary and pre-intermediate students. 60 WH Questions are similar to YES/NO questions, but they have WH words at the start. GRAMMAR: WH- QUESTIONS ANSWER KEY WORKSHEET 1. WH mcq questions quiz important for intermediate and all class standards. All the pupils behave well in class. at the library today? Patrick Hand Activities Teaching Suggestions ... answers the questions. Where 4. If you see a message asking for permission to access the microphone, please allow. Fredericka the Great Orbitron When we report a Wh-question, we use a reporting verb like asked or enquired. Boogaloo Now, take a look at similar question, but with a WH word: Where are you from? By HappyNN A set of cards to practice wh-questions in the Present Simple Tense for your students. WH Questions Test – English Grammar Exercises This WH questions test checks your understanding of the 6 WH questions words, including who, what, where, … Welcome! View from ENG 101 at San Jose State University. Gramática da Língua Inglesa Wh-Questions Write the questions about the words in bold . Exercise #2: Yes/No Questions with the BE Verb (Note: It does not matter if the answer is ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ — the question … Rancho 1. Where 7. Reenie Beanie Russo One Read below for an explanation or jump to the exercises if you want to practice. Are you going shopping at the weekend? 13 2. Dancing Script What did you talk about ? When 8. The typical question begins with a wh question word including simple who questions, what questions, when, where, why questions speech therapy, and how). Partners switch roles. Whose 10. 40 Pacifico Architects Daughter Baloo Paaji Fredoka One Exercise B - Answer key 1. Resubmited with some corrections. Jolly Lodger Indie Flower There are mainly two types of questions – Wh-questions and Yes/No questions. px, Please allow access to the microphone 2. Vocabulary Practice (covers all information in guide) Pages 5-6 . What Next, students sort the questions into the correct columns, Coming Soon Interrogatives in English English Exercises > questions exercises. Information Gap Worksheet. Love Ya Like A Sister Questions and present simple. Where does he live ? [g�~�����f�I�o�_�6�08 ���T!�5:A�`1'���7e �Ok`��M��x�sE����0�U��2U������. Just Me Again Down Here 3. Who did you see last night ? Download this quiz in PDF here. Jane opened the door.Who opened the door? Answers: 1. KEY! WH-Questions Speaking cards. Schoolbell Escolar - She's my sister. Amatic SC What are you drinking now? Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions ("WH" questions) 2nd Edition packet of 120 monthly-themed stories, each with 5 basic "WH" comprehension questions. Download as a PDF (best for printing) ... Click one of the links above to download the worksheet to your computer. Tom helped in the garden.Who helped in the garden? Which 12. Sacramento Luckiest Guy (The question was “ Is John a doctor”). 4. Questions : Worksheets pdf, handouts to print, printable resources. Check your grammar: gap fill – question words Complete the gaps with a word from the box. According to Kindy News the average child asks about 288 questions a day. Kranky WH Questions - WH WORDS. ... Short Stories Wh-questions - answers. 16 He has lived in London for ten years . Aldrich Creepster Then write the question. He lives in London . In English, one specific type of question is the “wh- question.” Wh- questions help us understand the world around us. Who - asking for a person and animal: object: do, does, did. Brainstorming Short Answers to Wh-Question Words After watching the episode, ask students to write as many short answers about the episode as they can for the five Wh-question words. Lobster B: Why not? The first question had an answer of yes or no (Yes, I am from Canada). Asking questions helps you figure out where the train station is, what you’re ordering from a restaurant or what time you’re meeting a friend.. 36 Forming and answering wh-questions Lesson Objectives Materials • Students will be able to identify the Wh - question words (who, what, where, when, which, why and how) • Students will be able to answer simple Wh- questions • Students will be able to form simple Wh-questions based on familiar topics Wh - question practice: Examples: What is your name ? Bangers That’s A LOT of questions. Pinyon Script !,:: ���d��]���P\��^Q�c]H��`@��E�t߽��9��9�c�V���:+��c)�K�M�JR�t�����"��'��i�+����� ؙ�t0����� Q�O;|���13�i����O�ж@-&m�����2:�5Hkt��[��=op��3�:[��*�n���Huಇ�)֖ep�߁Z�B�y �� 2���D���5� ���� ����8��͠ڏ�(az �v?���*2SKO�vw��Mn�T�r���q�㔼/���+�+�h5w�k,Bz)�*�;�,B�3wg�S+����b���8v��3�L���Gr��4j���_��О��%D=(f�މ[��I�t �::�(�JZ;Ǚ�iI�B�����a������n� զ�n�;�m��R��I��"�Z�YXK5 ����᳗�r�u�mļG�o��z��o�ކ0����� @/�����O_gV��Y�H{�{�"~dZ��KCl. Pernament Marker Question Forms – Past Perfect. We went home quickly in the evening. 22 Email my answers to my teacher, Font: The questions are the basic: "who, what, when, where, why" questions. Take english WH multiple choice question and answer exercises worksheets. Peter watched his friend closely (whom, how) 3. Gloria Hallelujah Special Elite Cherry Cream Soda 8 24 2) Who is that girl? %�쏢 More Worksheets to Download "Wh-" Questions 2. A: No, I didn’t. Chewy Close. Ribeye Marrow Comic Neue When are you leaving? Are you smoking? 11. I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website. Drag Wh-question words "who, what, when, where, how, why, whose" into the answers area to complete this exercise. 1. Wh questions and answers in English. 32 Subject and Object Questions Exercise 1. Review subject and object questions here. In the next exercise, look at the answer to a question. Why are you studying? Gurmukhi Fill in the blanks using the words from the word box. Reported Speech WH-Questions Can WH Questions Drag and Drop Exercises: Wh-question Words Worksheets 1 Wh-question Words Worksheets 2 Wh-question Words Worksheets 3 Drag and Drop Vocabulary Exercises Drag & Drop Grammar Exercises Subject Exercises: WH Questions Exercise 1 Question Words Exercises 2 WH Questions Exercise 3 QUESTIONS – NEGATIONS QN 4 Ask questions with each of the question words! They greet their teacher.Who do they greet? Arial View from ENG 101 at San Jose State University. 1391 Wh-questions in English – word order – Exercise 3 1347 Yes/No questions – word order – Exercise 1 1387 Yes/No questions – word order – Exercise 2 How 6. Open Sans 9 5 0 obj �z�D@�>� ������"]�ȧ�ӷ�l�.�Q�%�v��N��y��ݨ���Ӽ�"��G�������M��8��ܔ%�};�����~��PN�%ȗ��Z~�ޡ��7p �D�����s$i��,8��w��8:;��YWwE�����`�h�'u�/��d)��l^�p@|~r�Zk�v�����ҧW��\Kɦ4h�3��GM��BP,���ʤ'��ۉ|#��id�� ��}fq��7�Ι��liI�3��,�c_�2å��-�Ojr������HG�I�:,�U�~��]Ⱦ��- �ЩV�\C�9�dD�����7����Rh܌�{z{����:��9A�*��-0 e���UDY荩�5ݶ}�Z���|���Jw��u��@�+g�����I��"3����b��N��{��oѝU�V=v�^��)��J�r�ީ�����Y-�� �~v���צ9FRo{��y�QqJ��ZN�z�T���L��ow�_�K��:�|t�kۏW)�(��Bw�?7ؒ9�詼����~��ݪ�iPd��Z�w��l��~&>�У�pJ�m55�*��Z#4L�����?z�\D���M�p� ����X��1j�O�4�0��3��L`Y�3*"p�~s�2�^��*���3�@��2`Y��8i�hE#���0 �簍y�� D�ժW��|�g>�}J2���L�. NEGATIVE QUESTIONS An English-Zone.Com Worksheet-ANSWER KEY-QUESTION WORD VERB 1 SUBJECT VERB 2 COMPLEMENT Why Why didn’t Aren’t can’t you they Sara come studying come to class yesterday? What Where How How often When Why Who whose ... Grammar snacks: Question words - exercises Watch the video and read the conversation between Sophie and Neema. 12 1. Study the example given below. Oswald QUESTION!TAGS!!! - By bus. English as a Second Language (ESL) > Wh questions > Wh questions with the verb to be, What do you want to do? How 3. 10. 5. Each month includes 10 stories (5 fiction and 5 nonfiction). %PDF-1.4 Each card has a visual cue to help students identify the type of question being asked, but is text based so they have to listen or read to identify the correc. Wh questions with the verb to be ... Other contents: Verb to be Add to my workbooks (22) Download file pdf Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom Add to Microsoft Teams Share through Whatsapp: Link to this worksheet: Copy: ... Wh Question Words Exercise 1 by Carmen1030: Wh questions and the simple past by rachelribeiro: Questions 1 Covered By Your Grace This resource provides visual cues to help students answer wh- questions, work on auditory processing, or listening for details in sentences. Lobster Two Kalam 3. Divide students into groups of three. (who, where) 5. I saw Peter last night. 1) Where do you live? stream 10 28 ID: 7316 Language: English School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) Grade/level: Pre-intermediate Age: 11+ Main content: Wh questions Other contents: past simple Add to my workbooks (358) Download file pdf Add to Google Classroom Add to Microsoft Teams <> Yanone Kaffeesatz Give them about 10 minutes. 6. 3) How do you go to school? 8. B&W version and K... 28,701 Downloads . Unkempt Grand Hotel Crafty Girls 50 9. Put each of the Wh-question words on a piece of … My name is John Smith . Black Ops One Free grammar exercises online. Answe .l�$ y�e%o ������8��r�|����#{���lF���y�L�9z.v������OZcE��-�u�a?&�����B��;i�����3,hE 7�%���������;̟W���!�A`U����VE��~�gOnM��Z�1~�P�)����ޖw%�[�ݶ�m����X�A�W��^o��غ�kr���b�\�@���g�u->�Ay�g�hb�"mk%'K_��K�[�Q⩹��;�&��!���9�5�ւ�}i���kl6�\H�ŷd`�����q�k��m6�����҆NA�C�}\� �H\�s��>��z�]D;�T�zQQ{hK��ƃ �S !iB?�n��8�H��8G�DЛqE��M^Bg��Z���Sa��޹ ��U��t��&�O�%N�=B�[%R��R�;Tu�_�3&��`���q�{�9C�߈}�=���4 0�z��V�� 18 Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses. Wh-Questions are also called Information Questions because we are trying to get some specific information from another person (not just a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer). Jenny told us a long story yesterday (who, what, when) 4.    Size: Ubuntu Look at the top of your web browser. Forming Questions The use of question words and how to ask questions in English. Exercise!1:!2–!didthey,!3!–!wouldn’t!you,!4!–!haven’t!I,!5!–!shall!we,!6!–!could!it,!7!–!didn’t!they,!8!–! What are you thinking? (how, where, when) 2. Why 11. Freckle Face 70 Example A: A: I didn’t eat lunch earlier this afternoon. Need more practice? A: Yes, John is a doctor. - I live in London. Mountains of Christmas Shadows Into Light Two Fontdiner Swanky Check my answers

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