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Develop personal influence and be part of the collective leadership and impact of the profession, PCF - Newly qualified social worker (ASYE) (PDF), Download a PDF of the fifth layer on the PCF fan - Newly qualified social worker (ASYE), PCF - Newly qualified social worker (ASYE) (Word), Download a Microsoft Word document of the fifth layer on the PCF fan - Newly qualified social worker (ASYE), Benefit from further training and events through our CPD programme for social workers, The Anti-Poverty Practice Guide for Social Work, IFSW and other international social work organisations, Influencing social work policy in the Commonwealth, Practice, policy and education groups (PPEGs), Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for Independents, Umbrella service companies & tax avoidance scheme investigations, Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF), Practice Educator Professional Standards (PEPS) 2020, Support for newly-qualified social workers, Professional Support Service: Access support, Professional Support Service: Frequently Asked Questions, Copyright © 2020 British Association of Social Workers. It helps to develop their confidence and capability as a social worker. Apply fora job in Children's Social Work. Domain 2, VALUES AND ETHICS – Apply social work ethical principles and values to guide professional practice . KSS and PCF. Professional Capability Framework (PCF) The Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) is a standards framework developed by the Social Work Reform Board and managed by BASW. The Framework helps to breakdown the different stages of career development. Take responsibility for the professional learning and development of others. ASYE is available to every newly qualified social worker who work in the private, voluntary or public sector within a social care setting. The ASYE programme for social workers who work with children and families is based on the statement of knowledge and skills for child and family social work. If so then now is an exciting time to join Slough Children’s Services Trust as we look to recruit the next cohort of assessed and supported year in employment (ASYE) social workers as part of our recently launched academy. Social Workers for a career in social work. The PCF is a framework for the nine levels of social work in England. Once the ASYE boat has been missed, Social Workers will often go into a support or Social Care role to get into employment. The assessor will then be able to speak to you about this and will try and support  and guide you with this. Understanding what different levels mean in the PCF photograph. You will usually find that we are the ones to graduate later normally around October/ November time. These include; So pretty much what we were used to writing about for our placement portfolio’s. The Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) allows newly qualified social workers to build confidence and further develop their knowledge and skills. Reflective Supervision Analogy- a tool to help an ASYE social … The framework: pcf social work first placement. All social workers that have graduated with a recognised social work degree within two years are eligible to register for the ASYE programme. We are committed to improving outcomes for children and young people, we want to make a difference to their lives and believe this starts with investing in our practitioners to support them to become the best they can in order to deliver an outstanding service. Checklist to becoming an Agency Social Worker, What key skills and attributes make a good social worker, Interviewing for an agency social worker role, How much experience is needed to be an agency social worker, The emotional resilience of a social worker, How to make an international application to become a social worker in the UK, How to help strengthen your social care team, A designated assessor to support you and reviews, Professional development plan and learning agreement, Tailored training programme to enhance learning. Your email address will not be published. ASYE Social Worker Are you a newly qualified social worker with a passion for children and young people? Credits: 20 credits at level 7 The unit provides a systematic and critical exploration of the underpinning knowledge and skills required to support effective professional development in the early stages of a social worker’s career, post qualification. The Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF), developed by The College of Social Work, outlines exactly what skills, knowledge and capabilities newly qualified social workers are expected to attain during the ASYE. It can also be referred to as NQSW (Newly Qualified Social Worker). As part of my social work professions, I always make sure that I provide necessary adaptations as ‘recognising and respecting diversity and individuality is the cornerstone of social work practice’ (Gast and Patmore, 2012:14) (KSS, 2, 6, 7). Your email address will not be published. No, this can be transferred across. The ASYE is designed to help NQSWs to develop their skills, knowledge and capability and strengthen their professional confidence. Pcf Social Work Examples. Click here to view a full version of the Professional Capabilities Framework and … Your assessor will need to consider whether you have met the requirements of the Knowledge and Skills Statement. You can fail your ASYE and this is taken into consideration by a case by case basis. The Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) programme will be familiar to all social workers, but particularly those who are newly qualified. The PCF details the level expected of the NQSW at the end of the ASYE All social workers need to demonstrate progression; the ASYE and KSS level descriptors are the minimum requirement at … Salary up to £34,728 depending on experience. What is ASYE? Operate effectively within and contribute to the development of organisations and services, including multi-agency and inter-professional settings, Promote the profession and good social work practice. They are also assessed against national standards. The Social Work Academy is an operational team, which provides high levels of support to An example of this is when I have been working with TZ, I always make sure that I book an interpreter. The PCF is the overarching standards framework intended to be applicable to all social workers in whatever role or setting.

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