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But I love to play non popular build and here I want to have discussion with all of you on how to further improve the Falcon build. This item is very necessary for Sniper to give him more damage, attack speed and provides him with a chance to have his attack have a chain lightning that deals damage to enemies. Use it only when chasing or if you need more MS (Movement Speed) to ensure an escape. I could hit 190 aspd on this build. Mediocre usefulness without farm Long range, which gets even longer with levels Me as a Dota 2 player, I never let 4 of my team go in without me, specially since I take on a carry role most of the time, too. Provides you with enormous damage, but if you die, you drop it, giving enemies a chance to take it and use it against you and your team. Powered by, /////////////////////////////////// Stats //////////////////////////////////, ///////////////////////////////////////Equips//////////////////////////, -( Str + 2, If Str is above 370, +20% Atk; If Dex is above 370, +75 Hit Rate; If Int is above 370, +15% MATK )-, -( If Str is above 100, +15% Atk; If Agi is above 100, Increase Movement Speed; If Luk is above 100, +15 Perfect Dodge )-, -( 10% Increase Damage Against Demi-Human )-, -( Enables you to see Hidden Enemies; +3 Atk; +10 Matk )-, -( Gives a small chance of autocasting level 5 Assumptio on yourself when being attacked )-, -( Resistance to Holy; Weakness to Undead; Stats Bonus: +4 Str, +3 Vit, +2 Agi )-, --{Note: Main wings for Crit and Sonic Blow Build}--, -( Resistance to Poison; Weakness to Earth; Stats Bonus: +4 Vit, +3 Str, +2 Dex )-, -( Resistance to Shadow; Weakness to Holy; Stat Bonus : +2 Int; Reduction from Neutral Attacks [note sure of the %] )-, --{Note: Use these wings in Soul Break Build}--. (Thara`d Shield, Immune`d Manteau :D). One shot, one kill! Unlike Pike, Dragon Lance is a passive item and is every ranged hero's favorite item. This build is usually used for WoE. -Crystalys builds into Daedalus Build Maelstrom after DL. Provide a place for people to play Ragnarok Online, with a focus on fast-paced, high-rate gameplay. Discussion. The best way to use your buy back is if you're team is in dire need of an all-out whole team clash against the enemy heroes. NOTE: Availability of the items shown may vary per server. Ragnarok Online » Job Discussion » Archer (Moderator: Triper) » Sniper needs help with thor build and equips (build & equips inside) « previous next » Print; Pages: [1] Go Down. use. Try my sniper build. Posted by. -( +1 to All stats; Indestructible (except in upgrade attempts); -[Mage, Archer, Acolyte Class] Increase resistance to Silence status by 50%; -[Swordman, Merchant, Thief Class]Increase resistance to Stun status by 50% )-, -( Add a 3% chance of auto casting Blind status to enemies with each attack; MDEF + 5 )-, -( Reflect 5% of all Physical Melee Damage back to the enemy which inflicted it; Additional Reflect Damage can be earned by Refining, and is equal to the Refine Rate * 2 )-, --{Note: This is highly recommended however if you do no have it try to get atleast a +7 Pauldron as listed below}--, --{Note: You most likely want to have these.} KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. Strong, long range, low-cooldown nuke with Assassinate This is the first video for the build series. During the early game where you don't have an exceptional damage output like you do at mid/late game, you might wanna just sit back and take advantage of your range to kill/last hit creep waves until you buy the necessary items you need in order to begin fighting your enemy heroes. Finally, Assassinate is a strong finishing and harassing ability, dealing hefty damage to an enemy from an enormous distance after a brief aiming period. -( All Stats + 1; Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 10 Kyrie Eleison on the user when the user receives Physical Damage. YOUR MAIN SKILLS ARE FALCON ASSAULT, FALCON EYES, … ---------------Main Crit Weapons----------------, Turtle General Card: Turtle General Card: Hydra Card: The Paper Card, Turtle General Card: Hydra Card: The Paper Card: The Paper Card, --------------Alternate Right Hand Crit Weapon--------------, Turtle General Card: Valkyrie Randgris Card: Hydra Card: The Paper Card, --------------Sonic Blow Weapons-----------------, Turtle General Card: Turtle Genreal Card: Hydra Card: Hydra Card, Phreeoni Card: Turtle General Card: Turtle General Card: Hydra Card, Thanatos Card: Turtle General Card: Turtle General Card: Hydra Card, Phreeoni Card: Zipper Bear Card: Zipper Bear Card, Phreeoni Card: Phreeoni Card: Zipper Bear Card, +10 Saber[3] +Main Right Hand vs High Vit+, Thanatos Card: Phreeoni Card: Zipper Bear Card, +10 Saber[3] +Alternate Main RIght Hand vs High Vit w/Low Luk+, Thanatos Card: Stormy-Knight Card: Zipper Bear Card, +10 Saber[3] +Alternate Main Right Hand vs High Vit w/Low Luk and slightly higher flee+, Thanatos Card: Stormy-Knight Card: Phreeoni Card, //////////////////////////////////////Credits/////////////////////////////. Master of ranged attacks, Snipers are exceeding expectations once again due to their straightforward gameplay and unbelievable damage. ADL Archer. Please login or register . It provides you with HP regeneration for each Hello Everyone, In this video, we will dive into the Sniper Trapper Build. The Sniper is the master of the Bow. They specialize in precise and powerful ranged attacks. Falcon Build is another build for sniper and I can say it not really popular due to the damage output is less compare to the ADL build. With the rework of armor, the Paladin is the only viable sniper rifle and it’s bullshit. The Sniper is the master of the Bow. Blitz beat damages heavily affected by stats(Int+Dex), sniper guardian ring, cursed sniper rune, mixb, urds, wolf-fang accesories ️ 14. Join Date: Nov 2016. Please consider supporting us by whitelisting us in your ad blocker! Sharpnel This build utilizes Frenzy Galapago which drastically increases the auto blitz damage of the Sniper's falcon. I would suggest not engaging in any fights unless deemed highly necessary until you reach level 6 and up and also get your Power Treads or your Phase Boots along with Aquila and a Dragon Lance where you receive all the buffs. Take Aim Take your rifle, use zooming options, and take clear shots of terrorists. To play falcon build sniper, we should know the fact that Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a free-to-play fantasy RPG based off the original Ragnarok Online franchise, developed by XD Global and licensed by Gravity Interactive. Yasha provides you more movement speed, and Agility bonus whilst Sange can slow down enemy movement speed and attack while giving you Strength bonus. Good farmer/pusher/harasser with Sharpnel Silver Edge You can either use it on your enemy to push you and him away from each other, giving you the range you need to deal damage whilst not receiving any. -Shadow Blade can be upgraded into Silver Edge Trash movespeed Kardel Sharpeye, the Sniper, is a ranged agility carry who excels at dealing moderate to heavy damage from an incredible range. Terrorists plan attacks and kidnap innocents in this area. This item is very necessary for Sniper to give him more damage, attack speed and provides him with a chance to have his attack have a chain lightning that deals damage to enemies. Archived . This build can adapt to any situations like farming, grinding, boss hunting, etc. Daedalus It also gives you bonus damage whenever headshot hits. Assassinate On the lower, it has the markings for the caliber, which are .300 BLK. Back. Get Yasha before Sange. The one thing you should keep in mind when playing Sniper is that he's fairly easy to use. Mjolnir on the other hand surrounds you with a charged shield which has a 20% chance to release a shocking bolt at a nearby attacker and 4 additional enemies. The Yin and Yang. This ability can slow enemy's attack speed as well as movement speed. You can support us ad-free for less than $1 a month! Want to support DOTAFire with an ad-free experience? Current stat for Endless Tower/PVM: 99 dex 99 agi rest to Vit. Using it actively is very optional. Leamee. An active item. Black King Bar Then the stats is, u have to make your crit to 80 no i think 76 so basically ur luk would be like 130 or something. You can use it to defend it to avoid your towers being destroyed. The other is when you use it on yourself. The carries got their full item builds, the supports blaming mid for feeding and the time to end the game is drawing near. The Stats. Eye of Skadi Yes, the pills do indeed leave the barrel more quickly than the short barred version and that includes using traditional pistol caliber powders like H110 and even trailboss. You are not connected. You can either use this on yourself or your allied hero. Get the kills you deserve with Asassinate and make sure you're pushing towers as well as farming creeps/neutrals with your Right Clicks and your Sharpnel. Replace Sange & Yasha with this at the late game. Hurricane Pike Has a very long range, can deal up to 650 damage and has a fairly low cooldown. They specialize in precise and powerful ranged attacks. When friendship strengthens, so does their power. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Dwarf --, --{Note: This will be your main armor card unless you do not have it or you need to change it}--, -( Enchant an Armor with the Ghost Property; HP Recovery - 25% )-, --{Note: Use against Paladins, and Creators to lower the damage taken from then}--, -( Blesses an Armor with the Holy Property )-, --{Note: When fighting SinX's who use asperio or priests who use Holy Light}--, -( Enchant an Armor with the Poison Property; DEF + 1 )-, --{Note: Lowers damage taken from SinX's who use Poison Enchant}--, -( Enchant an Armor with Shadow Property )-, --{Note: Use to counter Coma unless you have a GTB}--, -( Enchant an Armor with Water Property; DEF + 1 )-, --{Note: To take lower damage from classes that use Box of Storms}--, -( Enchant Armors with the Wind Property; Def + 1 )-, -( Enchant Armors with the Fire Property; DEF + 1 )-, -( Enchant Armors with the Earth Property; DEF + 1 )-, --{Note: You will have to change armors depending on the situation. Affinity Guild Blackout Ragnarok Online. Str = 10 Agi = 75 ++ Vit = 50 ++ Int = 10 ++ Dex = 99++ Luk = 30++ equipment set = head = Ulles cap + Venberg (?? 0. Please suggest me what is … The most sacred item in Dota 2. ADL build snipers can be compared to agi crit assassin cross except that snipers are a ranged class, and as long as they equip a bow, they can take down any enemy they encounter. Assassin Cross, also known as sinX, is the transcendent class for thieves who have followed the Assassin class path and made it to level 99. 21-Nov, 20; Yassuo; BlackoutRO Player Support. About Assassin Cross . u/TheKlap86. If you are unable to get Slotted Pantie[1] and Undershirt[1] then try Crest Of Rider [1] And Black Leather Boots[1] combo but this will reduce 2 agi which you will be getting from Pantie[1]+Undershirt[1]+Black Leather Boots[1] Combo.

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